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wriggling in yo panties


Pairings: All
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4464

Sehun's in the middle of eating a plate of fries by herself even though her uniform shows her midriff. Jongin wonders how someone like her exists. Secretly, Jongin tries to steal a salty fry off Sehun's plate but Sehun makes a angry snapping noise with her teeth in Jongin's direction. Jongin debates whether she wants to eat delicious carbs or face Sehun's wrath. She steals a fry. Sehun screeches. "UNNIE, HELP!"

Joonmyun comes to the rescue, fussing over the grip Sehun has on Jongin's ponytail. She grimaces at the oil stains on Sehun's hands.

"Bitch, you're such a fucking bitch. How dare you bitch." Sehun fumes, ready to attack Jongin once Joonmyun lets her go.

"Let's not be like this," Joonmyun protests. "Jongin, say sorry to Sehun for whatever you did this time." It's like taking care of kids.

A devious smile works it way up Jongin's face while she hikes up her skirt. "How do you want me to say sorry, Sehun-ah?" Sehun licks her lips just to make things more stressing for Joonmyun.

"With the strap-ons," Sehun says.

Joonmyun slams her fist on their cafeteria table. The charm bracelet jingles on her wrist, and Joonmyun frowns at them heavily. "Not until you're married!" Sehun and Jongin groan.

"Party pooper," Jongin sneers. "Who," Chanyeol asks, when she sits down at their table with a paper bag. "Who else," Sehun and Jongin say in unison. Chanyeol laughs, clapping loudly with both hands.

"Chanyeol, your bra strap is slipping." Chanyeol isn't even surprised, she just fixes her straps and watches it fall back down again. She can't be bothered to fix it again. "Should we go bra shopping together," Joonmyun asks. "Unnie, they hurt too much," Chanyeol whines. "When will they stop growing?" Sehun gropes at her own, much smaller, set of boobs and scowls at Chanyeol before smacking a boob. Chanyeol gasps before wheezing exaggeratedly. "UNNIE. LOOK AT WHAT SEHUN DID. PUNISH HER. TAKE OUT YOUR WHIPS." Joonmyun coughs, blushing up to her ears. "Not now, Chanyeol."

Chanyeol grumbles, flipping Sehun's skirt with a single hand. Sehun, on the other hand, could care less about who sees her underwear.

Baekhyun walks up to their table, skirt rolled a little higher than everyone else's. "Pink? Did you want to get laid today?" Sehun sticks her tongue out. "You're just jealous I didn't buy you a matching set." Baekhyun scowls and hisses at Sehun. "We would have been the best twins at that Halloween party." Jongin carefully gauges their height difference and doesn't say anything to hurt Baekhyun's ego.

Kyungsoo joins their table warily. Jongin and Sehun purposefully hug her tight to wrinkle her ironed uniform. The bell rings before Kyungsoo can even take out her packed lunch, which is the highlight of their day. "See you all at practice," Joonmyun says. It's more of a warning than a reminder, because they like to skip if they can avoid it. The basketball game is coming soon though. Joonmyun wants to look good for the basketball captain Wufan, whose palms could suffocate Joonmyun's entire face.

Their practices are public, so people like to stop by and stare when the school's cheerleaders do routines in short shorts and thin tanks. Jongin grumbles because their matching short shorts leave no imagination to what's underneath but she can't flip up shorts like a skirt.

"Okay everyone," Joonmyun says bubbly, "let's begin with stretches!" She bends down and touches the tips of her shoes. Everyone follows suit; Baekhyun and Chanyeol purposefully wriggling back and forth in an attempt to knock each other off balance. Joonmyun straightens up, face slightly flushed from bending over with her head down.

"Let's practice our splits," she says next. Jongin sinks to the floor gracefully, while Kyungsoo tries to split unsuccessfully with her stiffened legs.

"Unnie, do you need some help?" Jongin holds Kyungsoo's hands while Sehun pushes down on her hips. Kyungsoo whimpers painfully. When Kyungsoo's thighs touch the floor, Baekhyun and Chanyeol talk loudly about all the new sex positions Kyungsoo can now achieve.

Joonmyun scowls and pushes the both of them until they topple over each other laughing. "Give me twenty sit ups," Joonmyun demands. Instantly, Baekhyun is on her knees, clinging to Joonmyun's calves. "Unnie, I'm on my period. You wouldn't make me do that, right?"

Joonmyun smiles cruelly, leaning down to whisper, "Forty sit ups and five laps around the gym." Baekhyun grumbles and begins her sets. Joonmyun counts out loud for all of them until she's slightly breathless. "Five laps, thank Baekhyun!" They stand up, getting ready to run.

"Joonmyun, can I talk to you?" Captain Wufan enters the gym and Joonmyun whips her head around to look at him confusedly. "I thought you weren't practicing inside the gym today." "No, the others are still in the weight room," Wufan starts. "I wanted to ask you something."

Jongin and Sehun make kissy noises which instantly stop when Joonmyun glares at them and motions for them to start running. Wufan rubs his neck uncomfortably. "I'm sorry about that," she says sheepishly. "You were saying?"

"Yixing really likes the Pom Pom routine and he said it would make him perform better if you guys did it at the game on Friday?" Wufan looks so nervous and hopeful that Joonmyun automatically melts and says, "Of course!" Chanyeol is the first to complete a lap, running past them shouting, "GET SOME!"

Joonmyun grimaces at Chanyeol's uncouth behavior and fixes her shorts absentmindedly. Wufan's gaze follows her fingers but she doesn't notice. Baekhyun notices and surges forward to sneakily slap Joonmyun's butt and run before her captain can do anything. Joonmyun yelps, cradling her butt with both hands, shielding it from future offenders. Wufan coughs violently.

She puts a hand on his chest. "Are you okay?" He coughs even more violently and excuses himself. "Did I do something wrong?" Jongin and Sehun cruise by with Kyungsoo in the middle. "Absolutely not," they say in unison. Joonmyun gives them all a dirty look. "Yah! Do you all want extra laps?"

It’s Friday. Classes haven’t started yet but all the cheerleaders are already in their uniform to promote school spirit. They stand a stark contrast to everyone else, blindingly bright red tanks and swishy red skirts. Surprisingly, it’s Baekhyun’s idea to put matching white ribbons in their hair to match their matching white shoes. Joonmyun agrees vehemently at the suggestion because she loves anything that has to do with team bonding-- Baekhyun just likes ribbons.

At the quad, Baekhyun distributes the ribbons and they sit in a line while they pin up each other’s hair. Baekhyun argues for cute sock buns while Chanyeol insists that they braid each other’s hair like how girls do at sleepovers in the movies. Chanyeol doesn’t even like braiding her hair-- she just likes it when the boys stare at their fantasies coming true in front of them. In the end, they wear high ponytails because it’s the easiest and Joonmyun doesn’t want to get a headache from the bickering.

“We’re going to be late for class,” Kyungsoo pouts. Sehun and Jongin high five each other above Kyungsoo’s head while she scowls and slaps them away from her. The bell rings and they disperse from their little group.

Joonmyun has first period with Sehun and Jongin for Culinary. Joonmyun likes to shift in her seat a lot when she has something she wants to say, which sometimes makes her skirt bunch up. She also uses a lot of hand gestures that sometimes make her shirt ride up to reveal milky white skin. She can’t help but be so devilishly innocent that Sehun and Jongin have taken it up as their personal goals to be their Captain’s bodyguards.

Although Kyungsoo tends to agree with only Joonmyun, she sides with Baekhyun and Chanyeol who says, “She’s going to have to learn about the sexy things at some point right? By sexy things, we mean sex.” Kyungsoo says that she, herself, is knowledgeable about sex already; no one believes her, but Kyungsoo doesn’t reinforce or take back her statement. (It’s not like Kyungsoo wants to share her porn files with anyone else anyways.)

They have a pep rally at lunch, doing a few routines that don’t require much effort. Mainly they wave their hands a lot and tell people to come to the game if they want to see more. They don’t doubt that people will come because the seats to the basketball games are always jammed pack.

Jongin shimmies her way to a group of students that are more preoccupied with studying than staring at Jongin’s legs. “Come to the basketball game today at 3:30 in the Big Gym,” she demands. Jongin leans over, pretending to whisper conspiratorially while showing a heavy dose of cleavage. She only leaves when they promise to come to the game because she is persistent, and wholeheartedly believes that she should give people boners at least once in their lives.

“Stop being such a slut,” Sehun scowls. She flashes a bit of her underwear in the vicinity of the water polo team and commands them to go to the game. Of course they agree, because no one says no to Oh Sehun.

“Why? Because it’s your job?”

“Obviously, because I’m better at it.” Jongin pouts; it’s all about being classy.

Joonmyun doesn’t even have to do a lot to get people to come. Sometimes she hands out flyers to people who are hoping to brush their fingers with her hands, but that’s about the extent of fanservice she’s willing to do consciously.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol are much more shameless when it comes to fan service. Baekhyun has a hand traveling up Chanyeol’s long legs and stops when the tips of her fingers are just barely hidden under Chanyeol’s skirt.

“Come to the basketball game today at 3:30 in the Big Gym,” Chanyeol announces brightly, not at all disturbed with the hand up her skirt. Baekhyun retracts her hand, pink tongue peeking out to nibble at her fingertips. “That is, if you want to see more,” Baekhyun says. They just like to see people hot and bothered. They probably wouldn’t care very much if people didn’t come to see the game as long as people came to see them perform at halftime.

Kyungsoo is the stiffest when it comes to fan service. She stands in the middle of the quad, rejecting countless requests to do aegyo. Sehun and Jongin bound up to her, squishing her body between theirs. “Why not? Why not? How about now? Now?”

“It’s too hot,” Kyungsoo complains. Instead of backing away, Sehun and Jongin rub themselves all over Kyungsoo’s body while she stands there disgruntled.

“I hate my life,” is all Kyungsoo says in return.

Baekhyun and Sehun walk up to Joonmyun, and beg her to buy bubble tea so they can drink it before the game.

“Why? I have a sixth period.” Joonmyun frowns, scandalized that they would want her to skip class to buy drinks.

“You’re a TA, you don’t even have to do anything other than stand there and look smart!” Joonmyun looks mildly offended because she goes around helping people all the time.

“No,” Joonmyun says flatly. She crosses her arms and stares at them determinedly. “I won’t.”

“Besides, you’re not supposed to have dairy before heavy physical exercise,” she hisses. Undeterred, they go to look for someone else to help them with their needs. They go to Luhan, the soccer captain.

“Hey girls,” he greets cheerfully. Sometimes, Luhan wishes he was a basketball player so he could see them more often-- but he is seriously one of the worst basketball players. Sehun is cute though, often seeking him out for favors cutely. Today is no exception. He’s about to get changed because he has an away game and is therefore allowed to leave campus before sixth period.

“Oppa,” Sehun starts. Her eyes light up even though she’s pouting. In seconds, she’s attached herself onto his arm. Luhan doesn’t even seem surprised, patting her head and cooing over her cuteness.

“Buy us bubble tea,” she says. Luhan hesitates, and Baekhyun goes in as backup.

“Oppa, please?” Baekhyun squishes her arms at her side and brings up her hands to her face. “Buing buing?” It’s obvious that her real intention is to make Luhan’s eyes wander down to her squished boobs, but Luhan is surprisingly a man of perseverance.

“Joonmyun already told me not to,” he says. Sehun and Baekhyun put on their most crestfallen expression that has Luhan panicking.

“Aish, jinja.” Luhan ruffles his hair frustratedly.

“Unnie really wanted strawberry milk tea with honey boba,” Sehun says sadly. Baekhyun loops her arms dangerously low around Sehun’s waist, pressing their bodies together while they mourn.

“Sehun really wanted chocolate milk tea with boba,” Baekhyun says, sniffing sadly. Luhan falters, about ready to break. Baekhyun and Sehun see it too, so they stare at him sadly and whine in unison, “Oppa~” and that’s all it takes for Luhan to lose it.

“Okay, okay. Just don’t tell Joonmyun,” he begs. Luhan leaves before he can get conned into buying them snacks too. When Luhan’s back turns out of view, Baekhyun and Sehun bump hips and bump fists.

“You did well, Sehun-ah!” Baekhyun reaches up and pinches the maknae’s cheeks. Sehun smiles cheekily, “Of course, unnie!”

They link arms and skip to class. They’re not worried because they have Chemistry, and the TA has a weak spot for Chanyeol who most likely already has them covered.

When they get to class, their teacher looks at them sympathetically. “If it gets too hard, you guys can go to the nurse.”

Baekhyun reacts first, clutching her stomach anxiously. “I had some pain-relievers, so I’m feeling a little better,” she says, smiling weakly. Chanyeol waves them over, and they quickly find their seats.

“You guys are going to share with me, right?” Chanyeol whispers conspiratorially. Baekhyun agrees, but Sehun snorts like it’s the funniest thing she’s heard in a long time.

“When Baekhyun aces Chem, I’ll share.” Baekhyun waggles her eyebrows, making obscene hand gestures.

“Ew, gross.” Sehun wrinkles her nose in distaste, but they all know that Baekhyun wouldn’t stoop that low for a grade (unless their teacher was hot).

Class ends fifteen minutes before three o’clock , but Kyungsoo is never ready to leave until it hits three o’clock because she likes asking questions after class. Of course, it’s not like the teacher has any complaints about Kyungsoo; Kyungsoo is nice, pretty, and actually cares about her grades. Today, Kyungsoo tugs on the sleeves of her oversized cardigan and approaches her teacher hesitantly.

Seonsaengnim, I’m sorry to bother you every day but I had a few more questions,” she starts slowly. When her teacher beckons her over with a friendly smile, Kyungsoo smiles back and bounds up to the teacher’s desk with her neat notebook in tow. She leans over, pointing out everything she was confused about with her trusty pink pen. Unknowingly, her skirt raises a bit high when she drops her pen on accident and her teacher makes a strangled noise of despair. Alarmed, Kyungsoo looks up at her teacher with wide eyes.

“Are you okay?”

Joonmyun enters the room not a moment later, head peeking in first.

Seonsaengnim, is Kyungsoo here?” Kyungsoo waves her hand to catch Joonmyun’s attention and pleads Joonmyun for a few more minutes. Judging by Joonmyun’s deep set frown, Kyungsoo won’t get the minutes she wants.

Unnie,” Kyungsoo whines, stamping her feet. Huffing, Kyungsoo turns to look at her teacher apologetically.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, but is it okay if I come back at a later time?” Kyungsoo’s so cute, no one has ever been able to say no to her. With a promise of tomorrow, Kyungsoo slings her messenger bag over her shoulders and walks out of the classroom, clinging onto Joonmyun’s arm.

“Cheerleaders are going to be the death of me,” is all Kyungsoo’s teacher says before he starts packing up to go home to his faithful wife.

The Girl’s Locker Room is not as nice as the ones perceives in many people’s fantasies. The locker room smells like body odor, thirty different body sprays, and pee. They walk over to the nicer lockers for cheerleaders and stuff their school materials inside.

Kyungsoo has fifteen minutes to shed off her cardigan and roll on body glitter. There’s a lot of down time for them since they already have their uniforms on and they don’t have to worry about putting on sunblock since they’ll be in the gym.

“Kyungsoo, do you need any help?” Joonmyun has a new stick of roll-on body glitter which is a rather pretty shade of pink with gold flecks. She has her own glitter, but she agrees to let Joonmyun roll on the new glitter for her because she secretly likes it when their captain gives her a little bit of extra attention.

“UNNIE,” Chanyeol screeches. For some reason, Chanyeol isn’t wearing her top even though she had clearly been wearing it in the morning and at lunch. Kyungsoo pouts when Joonmyun stops in the middle of glittering one arm.

“What is it?” Chanyeol unhooks the front of her bra hastily much to Kyungsoo’s chargin.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” Joonmyun flushes pink but she acts much more composed than Kyungsoo, who covers her eyes with both hands.

“The wire in my bra popped out, it hurts so much,” Chanyeol complains. There’s a spot where one of Chanyeol’s breast is rubbed nearly raw and Joonmyun frets while Chanyeol pretends to bawl her eyes out.

“You big baby,” Baekhyun scowls, cup of strawberry milk tea in hand. It takes her five seconds to unlock her own locker, put her drink down, and pick out a spare for Chanyeol. Sehun stands behind Baekhyun, with her own drink in hand, nodding her head in agreement.

“We’re not even the same size, why do you have this?” Chanyeol inspects the proffered bra and is suspiciously surprised to find it in her size. It’s white and lacy and partially see-through, but it covers her nipples well enough. Baekhyun splutters, telling Chanyeol it’s not her business but Chanyeol is smarter than she lets on and it clicks almost instantaneously.

“Oh my god, you stuff yourself,” Chanyeol laughs, voice filling the entire locker room. Baekhyun hisses, threatening to retract her offer.

“It’s for that one kid, Luhan, isn’t it. Isn’t it,” Chanyeol eggs. Sehun turns to Baekhyun, somewhat surprised.

“You like Luhan-ge?”

“Since when do you call Luhan-oppa that?” Baekhyun frowns, recoiling from Sehun. Sehun smiles smugly, pretending to inspect her already clean nails.

“He likes it when I call him Luhan-ge when his dick--” Baekhyun screeches, lunging for Sehun’s throat, but Sehun stops her with a single hand. She takes a long sip, humming methodically.

“I can help you know.” Baekhyun stops, staring at Sehun dubiously.


“Unnie, you know, I always thought you had nice hips.” Sehun lets her hand wander lower.

“I’m listening.” Joonmyun furrows her eyebrows, she was expecting more of a tantrum on Baekhyun’s part.

“Oppa doesn’t have the best stamina,” Sehun sighs wistfully, “and sometimes I’m just left horny and disappointed.”

“Well, I’m very good with my hands,” Baekhyun says, catching on. Sehun smiles slyly and pinky promises with Baekhyun to share next time. (“But it’s not like we’re exclusive or anything, he doesn’t fulfil all my needs.”)

“No. We are not having this talk here,” Joonmyun hisses, scandalized that their youngest gets laid on a regular basis.

“Come on,” Baekhyun says, rolling her eyes, “it’s not like we’re all virgins here.”

Joonmyun gasps, but not even Kyungsoo looks surprised. Kyungsoo does look a bit embarrassed to admit that she’s not a virgin though.

“Unnie,” Chanyeol says slowly, “are you a virgin?”

“I am not having this conversation here. This is not happening.” Joonmyun mutters, going back to rolling glitter on Kyungsoo’s body. Jongin comes out from the bathroom, eyes blinking sleepily.

“What did I miss?” She lays her head on Sehun’s shoulder, trying to tune in to the conversation.

“Chanyeol’s half naked, Baekhyun’s going to finger me later, and I have bubble tea. Oh, also, Joonmyun is a virgin.” Jongin visibly perks up at the last comment.

“Unnie, do you want some help with that?” Joonmyun splutters incoherently, instinctively closing her legs together at Jongin’s heated stares.

“Were you masturbating in the bathroom?” Chanyeol high fives Jongin when she wiggles three fingers in the air.

Joonmyun caps her stick of glitter and places it in her locker, pretending that her friends are normal.

“Chanyeol, put on Baekhyun’s bra. We’re almost late.”

“What are you even worried about? Our lockers are like right next to the gym, and no one ever starts without us anyways.” Chanyeol obediently puts on the bra her uniform top.

“Do you think I have enough time to touch up on my makeup?” Baekhyun moves to rummage through her makeup case but Joonmyun slaps her hands away and makes sure all of them close their lockers after they take out their pom-poms.

“It’s not good if we’re late,” Joonmyun admonishes, pushing them all out of the locker room.

“Do you think if we wave our pom-pops hard enough, that Yixing guy will pop another boner?”


When they arrive at the Big Gym, the audience roars in approval. Chanyeol always waves her pop-poms too excitedly and has to bend down to pick them up again-- gaining a second round of applause. Cheerleaders never walk to their destination; Joonmyun has made it a point for all of them to have a skip or a hop into their steps while they cheer obnoxiously for their own team. Even the opposing team cheer for them, just because they have that kind of effect on people.

Joonmyun has them cheering for the team, up until the point where the teams are being introduced. Each game is always exciting because their basketball team is good, and most importantly, their basketball team is good-looking. The other times they have visited away games just for fun, there is an astounding lack of audience members. (Baekhyun and Chanyeol enjoy making subtle obscene gestures just to throw off the other team.)(Their team is relatively less affected since it happens so often anyways.)

They get into position, standing in a neatly formed line when the game starts. They wait for Joonmyun’s signals, cheering simultaneously with loud claps and synchronized voices.



“"What? What? What? What? A WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT!" When Joonmyun turns her head away from the team to wave enthusiastically at the entire crowd and try to hype them up, Jongin and Sehun break away from the routine to jokingly do the booty slap dance-- which really gets the crowd hyped up. They stop and pretend to be innocent the second Joonmyun turns around again, face flushed with pride.

“Guys, we really got the crowd hyped up today! I think we’re really doing a good-- Baekhyun! Keep your hands to yourself!” Sheepishly, Baekhyun retracts her fingers from inching their way up Chanyeol’s skirt.

A sweaty nudge captures Joonmyun’s attention. It’s Wufan, who stops by them for a bit during a timeout just to tell them that they’re doing a great job. Joonmyun smiles brilliantly, “Just doing my job,” she chirps. Baekhyun and Chanyeol immediately burst into a round of awwing and oohing noises, but they shut up with Kyungsoo raises her eyebrows at them and cocks her hips annoyed. Joonmyun hands Wufan a towel when he rubs the back of his neck shyly.

“You’ll have sweaty hands when you go to play, silly,” Joonmyun giggles. She flips her hair just a little bit and okay maybe she’s flirting but Wufan has always been receptive to her.

“If we win today, will you go on a date with me?” Joonmyun blushes, jaw dropping in a round ‘o’.

“If you win Championships, I’ll go on a date with you,” she whispers. She knows Sehun and Jongin and leaning in closer to try to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“So is that a yes,” Wufan asks hopefully. It’s pretty much set that their team is going to make it to Championships and with Wufan as Captain, it’s also pretty much set that they’re going to win.

“Don’t get too cocky,” Joonmyun says, lips smearing a little bit of sparkly lip gloss on Wufan’s cheek. “But I’ll anticipate a movie and dinner?” Wufan’s smile is dazed, and he nods dumbly before the whistle blows and he has to go back.

Jongin and Sehun stalk up to Wufan, whispering about all the lube and condoms he doesn’t need to buy because Joonmyun is loaded. They successfully turn Wufan into a tomato before they turn back and start planning other ways to torture their soon-to-be-Captain’s-boyfriend. (Joonmyun starts planning what sweater she wants to wear on their date.)

At halftime, more people start showing up and they loiter around when it becomes apparent that there are no more seats available. They start off with a small pyramid with Jongin and Sehun as the base with Kyungsoo waving her pom-poms on top. Their whispers are hushed, inaudible against the screams of the audience.

“Definitely white polka dots,” Sehun says.

“No, I’m pretty sure it’s cream colored. I think they’re hearts or flowers.” Jongin says it thoughtfully, because she’s pretty sure she’s already seen these pair before.

Kyungsoo smiles, gritting her teeth. “Stop looking up my skirt assholes.”

“I think there is lace, lace always makes Kyungsoo uncomfortable and itchy.”

“It looks good on her though,” Sehun says thoughtfully.

Kyungsoo drops down gracefully, making sure to pinch both of their arms until they yelp for mercy.

“It’s not lace, it’s a dildo; and if you girls behave, I’ll let you guys play with me later,” Kyungsoo says. Sehun and Jongin stare with dry mouths while Kyungsoo executes several cartwheels in succession.

Damn... really?”

Baekhyun and Chanyeol do a series of body-waves, shaking their pom-poms as seductively as possible. It’s not something that Joonmyun has warmed up to quite yet, but it’s the only thing Chanyeol can do--other than being a pyramid base--without tripping. Joonmyun waves her pom-poms and falls into a split between Baekhyun and Chanyeol, remembering to point her toes.

“We’re better! We’re best! We’re better than the rest! AWOOOOO! We’ll eat you up like cheese! E X O! EXO HIGH! E X O! GOOOOOOO WOLVES!”

For the finale, they gather together with Chanyeol, Jongin, and Sehun hoisting up Kyungsoo and Baekhyun-- who hoists up Joonmyun who waves her cute pom-poms in the air before they disassemble.

The crowd roars in applauses and Joonmyun silently thanks God that it’s another perfect routine without anyone breaking or straining any muscles or limbs.


Tags: au: cheer, pairing: all, rating: pg13
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