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wriggling in yo panties


Pairings: Wufan/Joonmyun
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4954

It’s a Saturday, which would usually warrant a free weekend for most of EXO high’s cheerleaders but it’s not because today they have a game to cheer and it’s the most exciting one they’ve attended yet. They’ve gathered around in Baekhyun’s room hours before the match so they can pin up each other’s hair in loosely curled high ponytails with ribbons and glitter. They go all out because this game means a lot to the basketball team and the school. They even manage to get Kyungsoo to wear eye shadow, which is a feat in itself.

Kyungsoo is the only one in it for the extra funding for next year because the Student Council has been in talks about giving the basketball team and cheerleading squad a bigger budget since they’ve been doing so well. It’s not more makeup that she wants funding for, even though Baekhyun would be delighted—but the uniforms are quite pricey and it would be nice to have extra money to buy more books or subscribe to more porn sites. Jongin and Sehun tease Kyungsoo about being an Eugene Krabs even though they know the only way they can jack off to quality porn is through Kyungsoo’s monitor. (It’s a good thing Kyungsoo tolerates them, otherwise they would never get away with teasing her.)

It’s the day of the Championships and Joonmyun is nervously twirling her hair with her fingers, allowing Baekhyun to apply eyeliner on her eyes. There is no doubt in her mind that EXO High will win and the Wolves will once again reign supreme; their team is practically slated to go to nationals.

“Do you think he’ll ask me out today,” she muses aloud. Baekhyun scoffs, capping the eyeliner and reaching for the eyelash curler.

“Of course he will,” Baekhyun says, “he practically already did.” Joonmyun flails in embarrassment and giddy excitement that’s laced with nervousness—it earns her a hard smack from Baekhyun who nearly takes out Joonmyun’s eyes with the eyelash curler.

“Stop squirming around,” Baekhyun commands, which subdues Joonmyun a little bit. Jongin and Sehun make fapping noises in the background when Baekhyun pumps the tube of mascara, but they break out in hysterics when Chanyeol joins in with a low groaning noise that’s supposed to sound like an orgasm but it really just sounds like a horse.

“Chanyeol, stop doing that. It’s not ladylike,” Kyungsoo says, kicking Chanyeol’s chair until she falls over and lands her crotch on top of a bottle of hairspray.

“MY BALLS,” Chanyeol screams and it’s only funny to Jongin and Sehun because they like that kind of humor. It would be funny to Baekhyun too if she didn’t pay fifteen dollars for quality.

“Yah! Park Chanyeol! You better not break anything,” Baekhyun shouts, eyes still trained on Joonmyun’s eyelashes. Chanyeol chucks the bottle of hairspray away, quickly becoming disinterested when she sees a bag of chips on Baekhyun’s desk.

“Is that for me? Byunnie, you shouldn’t have!” Jongin scrambles to join Chanyeol in opening the bag and sticking her hand in for a handful of Bugles. Baekhyun caps her mascara and gives Chanyeol a scathing look.

“Man, I love these,” Jongin says and Chanyeol quickly agrees while they stick the triangles on their fingers. Baekhyun whines, dropping her mouth open so Chanyeol and Jongin can feed her before all her food disappears into two pit-less stomachs. Jongin is the nicer of the two, pressing the tip gently at the part of Baekhyun’s lips so she can take it in her mouth at her own pace. Baekhyun rewards Jongin with licking her finger nice and slowly. Chanyeol has always been a douchebag and jams three of her Bugle covered fingers into Baekhyun’s mouth unceremoniously just to hear Baekhyun gag. Baekhyun has to hold Chanyeol’s wrist to prevent her eyes from watering and ruining her own freshly applied makeup. Baekhyun punishes Chanyeol by jamming one of the blunt ends of her capped mascara at Chanyeol’s crotch and even if she doesn’t have a dick, Baekhyun reckons it hurts like a bitch.

“I don’t know if I’m aroused or incredibly pained. I think it’s both,” Chanyeol grunts, massaging the front of her shorts with her fingers. Kyungsoo joins in, until Chanyeol thinks she’s feeling a little better.

“Kyungsoo, kiss my bruise better,” Chanyeol whines, “you’re the only one that doesn’t have lip gloss on yet.” Kyungsoo stares at Chanyeol before laughing and pinching the exposed skin over Chanyeol’s hipbone. Chanyeol yelps, scampering to the safe confines of their maknae’s arms—even if she seems to be more preoccupied with sending lewd texts to Luhan even though he should be at soccer practice.

Baekhyun crawls on her bed over to Sehun when she’s done with Joonmyun’s makeup and they take racy selcas together with the fronts of their tank tops pulled sinfully low. It’s just enough to make the edges of their bras peak out and just enough to drive any straight boy insane. Sehun sticks her tongue out, swiping it over her pink lips because she knows it drives people insane. Not one to be outdone, Baekhyun sticks her tongue cutely between the ‘V’ shape of her perfect fingers she forms over her mouth. It’s a popular pose she sees a lot of girls do recently and she hopes Luhan thinks it’s cute. Chanyeol scrunches her nose and crosses her legs before she can think about anything other than chips because that’s the only thing she feels like eating. Yes. That is correct.

Chanyeol curls everyone’s hair and it’s surprising that she’s nimble with her fingers when it comes to other people but when she tries curling her own hair, Baekhyun calls her out on being an overgrown poodle. Kyungsoo helps Chanyeol with her own hair, and Chanyeol likes being pampered by the mother of their group because Kyungsoo likes to take things slow to make things perfect and Chanyeol likes the attention. It’s the only time Chanyeol’s willing to be still and patient—probably.

They do some flexible poses in their hair and makeup and cute tanks and shorts and they post them on Instagram because they know they’ll get those cute little heart things when people double tap their picture. It’s a battle of numbers: how many people they can get to like their pictures.

They pig out on Subways, sharing bags of chips and cookies and drinking copious amounts of soda that lead to eventual group trips to the bathroom. Before they even know it, it’s time to get changed and reapply lip gloss because it’s time to go.

Jongin and Sehun try to hide Kyungsoo’s skirt, but she knows where she left them so she threatens to walk out wearing only her underwear. At first, Jongin and Sehun seem to contemplate it before Sehun whispers something and a flash of possessiveness crosses their faces before they grudgingly give it back to her. Kyungsoo is displeased with the wrinkles on her skirt after she already painstakingly ironed it out. (She tells them that they’ll just have to be punished later.)

Chanyeol’s strutting around in her skirt and the bra she borrowed from Baekhyun in her hands when Baekhyun complains that Chanyeol probably made it smell gross so she should just keep it. In retaliation, Chanyeol coos her thanks by smushing Baekhyun’s face into her chest. Baekhyun shrieks, not because of the stench of Chanyeol (who actually smells like fruity lotion) but because her eyeliner and eye shadow is smudged all over the top of Chanyeol’s chest.

“You fucking bitch,” Baekhyun scowls, “you’re a fat-chested monster.”

“You know you love them,” Chanyeol taunts, jiggling her chest at Baekhyun. In hindsight, Chanyeol should have foreseen Baekhyun doing some severe nipple twists but nothing ever really prepares her for the pain.

“Kiss it better,” Chanyeol complains, “or I’ll cry and Joonmyun will make us do team bonding exercises again.” Not that any of them actually mind the team bonding exercises, they would must rather prefer doing something a little more productive than sharing their feelings and eating tea sandwiches with leftover Gatorade.

Even though Baekhyun refuses to admit it, she’s always admired Chanyeol’s chest and pretends to grudgingly kiss the reddening nubs on Chanyeol’s chest until it becomes all better. Curiously, she swipes her tongue and hears Chanyeol’s breath hitching.

“All better?” Baekhyun asks cheekily. Chanyeol looks at Baekhyun with anger in her eyes when Baekhyun skips off to redo her makeup, leaving her with a throbbing feeling under her skirt.

Joonmyun and Kyungsoo drive them to their high school where they have to take a mandated school bus. Joonmyun drives a slick, silver BMW because her parents can afford it and she takes Baekhyun who seatbelts herself in the passenger’s seat cutely. They talk about school and coursework they don’t want to do. Surprisingly, Baekhyun is good company when she’s not surrounded by the other girls. Not that she isn’t good company most of the time, but when she’s in a group with lesser people she’s quieter and more mindful of her actions.

Kyungsoo has a black Honda, still relatively new but considerably easier on the wallet. Kyungsoo takes Jongin and Sehun, who never seatbelt and threaten to play who can laugh first with a mouthful of Coke in their mouths while they’re in the backseat of her car. Kyungsoo sighs exaggeratedly, threatening to throw them out and have them walk if they spill anything or stain anything in her car. Chanyeol has to be different and drives herself in a red pick-up trucks because it’s supposedly her lucky item for hook-ups. Chanyeol chucks everything in her truck, it’s partially why no one ever drives in her car with her because they can’t ever seem to find the seats.

They park in the Student Parking Lot and saunter over to the basketball team. They’re all leaning against the fence, waiting for the buses as well but they stand up straighter when they see the cheerleaders. Joonmyun waves shyly to Wufan, who waves back just as shyly. Chanyeol waves to basketball team eagerly, hyping them up way too early for the game. Yixing comes up to talk to Sehun and Jongin about Co-Ed dancing for the school’s dance team, and Tao sidles next to Baekhyun to compliment her on her eyeliner. There is supposed to be two buses that separate the two teams, but due to a surprising mix up, only one larger bus arrives and they clamber in together excitedly.

The entire car ride consists of the cheerleaders cheering loudly with the basketball players chiming in even louder. The exception being Joonmyun and Wufan even though they’re the captains because they decide to sit next to each other and talk about the new movie coming out. Everyone leaves them alone, but they’re somewhere in the back of everyone’s minds as they secretly place bets on who kisses who first. The majority are betting on Wufan because he’s The Man Wufan but Kyungsoo bets on Joonmyun—claiming that it’s because she’s loyal.

Once Wufan leans in closer to hear her whisper that she’s cold, and automatically moves to take off his jacket for her. It’s still warm and it smells like he sprayed on cologne prior to the game even though he’s going to become sweaty and smelly later. Joonmyun is nonetheless impressed when he drapes his jacket carefully over her shoulders and lets his arm linger until it’s time to get off the bus.

As expected, EXO High wins the game because they know how long their captain has been pining over Joonmyun this one date. The audience is quiet, sad about the bitter defeat and the few that traveled to the other school just to see this game roar even louder just so they can obnoxiously rub in the victory.

Wufan approaches Joonmyun in confident strides, disbelieving smile on his face and Joonmyun can practically hear his heart beating out of his chest. She tucks a stray strand of hair behind her eye and licks her lips anticipatingly.

“Joonmyun, can I take you out on a date tomorrow?” There is a moment of silence as everyone awaits her answer.

“Pick me up at five?” It’s like a dam has broken and every basketball player is body slamming and pumping their fists in the air and it’s honestly more of a celebration than winning the Championships—okay maybe not as big, but almost just as big. Baekhyun comes from behind and hugs Joonmyun’s waist protectively, glaring up at the scary basketball captain.

“You better treat her right, or Chanyeol will put used tampons in your locker,” she threatens. Chanyeol protests in the background because she only uses pads and she’s not willing to touch Baekhyun’s gross tampons. After Wufan pinky promises Baekhyun, they make their way back to the buses.

Baekhyun sits with Kyungsoo, comparing their finger lengths and whispering conspiratorially about how Wufan’s hand is big as fuck. Kyungsoo pouts because her fingers aren’t even as long as Baekhyun’s and they’re almost the same in every aspect. Then Baekhyun points out that Kyungsoo has a massive chest and Kyungsoo can only squawk indignantly.

Joonmyun sits with Wufan, making plans to go see a movie and eat at an Italian restaurant afterwards. Joonmyun starts to turn pink when Wufan does his awful impersonation of an Italian pizza maker and she tugs at his jersey to make him stop. (“You’re Canadian,” she reminds him.) He unravels her hold on his jersey and marvels at her manicured fingers and entwines them together with is calloused ones. His palms are sweaty but Joonmyun doesn’t say anything.

Wufan would offer to drive her home, but Joonmyun honestly has a nicer car and she needs to drive Baekhyun home. They do exchange numbers. Wufan has a simplistic IPhone with a basketball themed phone case that has scratches on the edges. Joonmyun has an IPhone that has a sparkly pink phone case with not enough charms she can dangle on it. It’s not that she loves those sorts of things, but she receives these “kawaii” phone cases as a gift from Jongin every year and she loves it when Jongin smiles like the gift she carefully selected was the right one. When Joonmyun asks why Jongin doesn’t give these to Sehun instead of those obscenely short skirts, Jongin shakes her head and says Sehun is too tsundere, whatever that means.

Baekhyun ends up at Joonmyun’s house because she calls it a Code Red. Joonmyun is surprised to find that everyone else is already waiting for Joonmyun at her doorsteps. Without Joonmyun’s consent, her home has been turned into a boot camp and she is the sole survivor in the looming faces of five boot camp instructors.

Enter Sehun, who teaches Joonmyun how to keep an aloof face—calm in spite of any surprises she might face. Joonmyun wriggles in her seat nervously until Sehun slaps her thigh disapprovingly. “Unnie, you’re not cool.” Joonmyun ends up with this constipated angry look that looks like the smoulder look in the Rapunzel movie they watched last week for the seventh time. Sehun shrugs, it’s good enough.

Enter Jongin, who teaches Joonmyun how to walk elegantly with a certain flow that exudes sexy charisma without looking like she’s even trying. Joonmyun walks with her hips jutting out and her arms on her hips and it looks all sorts of wrong, so Jongin tries putting a book on top of Joonmyun’s head to see if it helps at all. Joonmyun ends up doing some kind of wobbling that looks more like a drunk penguin and it proves to be more amusing than educating. Jongin takes off the book and pats Joonmyun pityingly. “Unnie, it’s okay if you can’t because you’re still cute.”

Enter Baekhyun, who tries to teach Joonmyun how to stuff her bras strategically. “You can practically use anything as long as it’s not too solid, not too smelly, and not skin irritating. Or you could double up on your bras.” Baekhyun ends up using toilet paper and since Joonmyun’s a baller, she has two-ply. It looks like a very convincing push-up bra but Baekhyun adds a couple extra layers until Joonmyun’s pink nubs are peeking out from the top of her bras. “It looks pretty good, but I think we can add an extra layer.” Joonmyun’s honestly too horrified to try it out a second time.

Enter Kyungsoo, who Joonmyun actually expects verbal advice maybe or added discouragement. But no, Kyungsoo teaches Joonmyun how to pout her lips so Wufan will want to kiss them or do dirtier deeds with them. Joonmyun is mildly afraid when Kyungsoo parts her plush lips and lower her eyelids into a state of hazy seductiveness. (But it does make Joonmyun want to kiss her, so she gives Kyungsoo a peck on the cheek and everything becomes okay again when Kyungsoo looks up normally and they giggle like the schoolgirls that they are.)

Enter Chanyeol, who teaches Joonmyun how to moan. It’s ridiculously embarrassing because Chanyeol just begins grunting and moaning and whining and screaming all on her own and it’s loud and her neighbors can hear Chanyeol probably. A small part of Joonmyun can see why Chanyeol’s …noises could be somewhat appealing, but Joonmyun doesn’t have the same timber Chanyeol’s voice does. Timidly, Joonmyun makes awkward squeaking noises at Chanyeol’s encouragement. “Maybe a bit louder and longer,” Chanyeol says like she’s deeply contemplating. A hand reaches out and quickly gropes Joonmyun’s crotch and a shrill shriek comes out from Joonmyun’s mouth instinctively. “That was pretty good, but you sound a bit terrified. That’s something you might want to work on.”

By the end of the night, Joonmyun’s bundled up in her Snuggie, glaring at her friends with the utmost distaste. Maybe they’ve gone a bit far, but they all have good intentions because they know just how much it means to Joonmyun to have this date with Wufan. Then they bring out the DVD case of Finding Nemo, a carton of Cookie Dough ice cream, and six plastic spoons. Kyungsoo digs her spoon in too viciously and the plastic breaks, so everyone takes turn feeding her even though the night is supposed to be about Joonmyun. It honestly makes her feel a bit better to have the attention turned away from her when it was beginning to become stifling. But of course, it’s not like they forget her either, when their maknaes begin leaving slobbering licks all over Joonmyun’s stickily sweet face.

“Gross, I’m going to break out,” Joonmyun complains with a smile. They fall asleep on the couch, all trying to stick their cold feet within the limited space under Joonmyun’s warm Snuggie.

They wake up all disorientated, with one body missing. It’s Joonmyun, who nearly causes a fire trying to make them all a homemade breakfast of instant pancakes. No one ever blames Joonmyun for her thoughtful ideas that turn out to be train wrecks most of the time. Silently, Baekhyun goes to wiping the counters and Chanyeol takes out the trash—which mostly consists of an inedible batter and a lot of broken eggs. Kyungsoo puts on an apron and messily ties her hair up before frying some eggs and bacon. It’s only at Joonmyun’s nervous tug on Kyungsoo’s sleeve, that Kyungsoo restarts a new batch of pancakes. Kyungsoo even lets Joonmyun drop the batter onto the pan—just so Joonmyun can feel like she was a contributor to making their breakfast.

Jongin steals most of the bacon, claiming that her boobs still have room for growth. At this, Sehun steals bacon off of Jongin’s plate because if Jongin’s boobs have room for growth, her boobs have infinitely more room for growth. Baekhyun growls, stabbing her eggs angrily because bacon only goes to her thighs. Chanyeol pats Baekhyun as sympathetically as she can for someone who has a larger chest, passing her a cup of milk.

Joonmyun divides the pancakes, proud of how evenly she dropped the batter. It means that she’s going to have a lovely day today because everything is going so swell. Once the date is over and they can wring out all the details out from their Captain, they’ll go back to teasing her but for now they’ll lull her into a false sense of security. “You guys are the best,” Joonmyun says around a mouthful of pancakes.

Kyungsoo automatically hands Joonmyun a napkin when she inevitably chokes because Sehun bluntly says, “We’re only the best if you actually get laid tonight.”

Automatically, Chanyeol responds with, “GET SOME” and earns herself a slap from Kyungsoo.

They disperse after breakfast, because Baekhyun and Kyungsoo are in the Church Choir even though they are anything but holy—even if their appearances say otherwise. Jongin and Sehun claim that they’re going to crash Co-Ed practice and wheedle Yixing into buying them bubble tea afterwards. Chanyeol leaves to go see her mechanic even though there’s nothing wrong with her truck. She just likes seeing Jongdae slicked up with oil in a wife beater. Chanyeol digs smart guys who are dexterous with their hand and often dreams of Jongdae whispering in her ears about all the formulas he could use to find the perfect angle to fuck her.

“You know that’s not going to happen,” Joonmyun says with a frown. Chanyeol just grins at Joonmyun and throws a wrench into the hood of her car.

“Anything could happen,” Chanyeol sing-songs. Then she tugs her shirt low enough that the lace of her bra peeks out invitingly.

“What if he’s gay,” Joonmyun mutters.

“Then I’ll buy a strap-on,” Chanyeol says with the utmost conviction and it’s like anything Joonmyun ever says goes through one ear and out the other.

When it rolls around three in the afternoon, Joonmyun takes an hour long bath and scrubs her skin thoroughly until she smells like strawberry and cream. She sings in the shower and plays with her loofa until her fingers turn wrinkly. Her parents won’t come from their business trip until later in the night, so she’s not incredibly worried about getting caught. Besides, she thinks they’ve been secretly rooting for her and her crush anyways.

She dresses in the cutest, date appropriate dress she has in her closet. A dark, navy blue dress with a white peter pan collar that ends mid-thigh. It’s something that Kyungsoo bought for her because it complimented the paleness of her skin and Joonmyun is glad all over again that she has wonderful friends. Her hair is put up into a bun with a bow pinned at the base and she has a second to admire herself in the mirror before her phone buzzes.

It’s Wufan, texting her a smiley face and a promise that he’ll be at her doorsteps in half an hour. She giggles, sending him a smiley face back before putting her phone down and applying a thin layer of makeup. She doesn’t want to overdo it but she doesn’t want to seem like she’s not wearing any makeup either. Joonmyun thinks Wufan would like it that she dolled up a little just for him. She knows that he knows she likes it when he puts on his cologne that makes him smell like warmth—if warmth could have a smell.

She sits in the living room, bag slung over her shoulder as she twiddles her thumbs and waits for five o’clock to come.

Wufan comes five minutes early and she nearly shoots out of her seat in anticipation when she hears the familiar ring of her doorbell. She smoothes out the front of dress and opens the door just enough to peek her head out. She’s used to seeing him in his jerseys but she’s impressed with his cardigan and dress shirt. “You look nice,” she says shyly. He smiles, complimenting her back before pulling out a bouquet of roses.

Joonmyun smiles, sniffing the roses. She’s never really understood why people sniffed them because she can’t smell anything but she tells Wufan that they smell lovely anyways. It takes her a few minutes to settle the roses in a vase and he tells her she has a beautiful home, but that’s only to be expected. He leads her out with her hand clutching his elbow. She has the nicer car, but Wufan insists on driving her.

She admits that it is nice that Wufan opens the door for her and makes sure she’s seat belted safely next to him before he turns on the engine. It’s so embarrassing how flustered she feels when Wufan puts a hand behind her headrest and backs out of the driveway.

He asks her about her day and makes noises to show that he’s listening while they head to the movie theaters. She omits the training part of the sleepover but raves about how they were all practically crying when Nemo found his father again. Joonmyun also talks about how Kyungsoo cooked breakfast and how she helped. When Wufan parks the car, he tells her that next time he’ll cook her a real English breakfast. She laughs and says, “Okay, Canadian.”

He opens the door for her even though she insists that it’s something she can do on her own and he buys her ticket too. She insists on buying the candy while he buys the tickets, claiming that it’s because she wants to be selfish and pick all the ones she wants to eat. Wufan lets her, after he already buys them a tub of popcorn and a soda—to share. It’s all sorts of romantic, and then she sees the movie that they’re about to see. She expected him to choose that new horror that just came out but instead, he leads her to the theater that is still showing Monsters University.

Throughout the whole movie, Joonmyun’s nibbling through the entire bucket of popcorn because she’s trying not to stare at Wufan’s arm that’s steadily extending itself across her seat. He doesn’t even seem concerned that she’s eating all the food and—oh god it’s a lot of butter and she’s going to get fat but all he says is, “You’re going to ruin your appetite.” So she sticks her tongue at him and lets him take all the red and green skittles because she likes him that much.

When the movie’s over, they contemplate movie hopping but Joonmyun’s stomach lets out an embarrassing moan and it decides for them that they’ll have dinner now. Wufan walks her to a nearby Italian restaurant. He orders spaghetti and meatballs and she orders fettuccini alfredo. She balls up the insides of her breadsticks before she eats them and she knows it’s not the best habit but Wufan seems amused by her antics enough to join in with her until their food arrives.

The best part, Joonmyun thinks, is when Wufan gives her his last meatball. At first she stares at it confusedly, because it doesn’t really fit with her meal but she gives him some chicken from her plate anyways.

“You know? Lady and the Tramp? I mean, I thought you liked Disney so, yeah.”

She does know, and her heart inwardly coos at Wufan who is quickly realizing that most guys give girls accessories or plush toys from the claw machine—not meatballs. Joonmyun eats it anyways, watching Wufan beam with pride like he did something right. (He did, kind of. Steal her heart a little that is.)

They go to an ice cream parlor after dinner and order soft serve ice creams. Wufan gets chocolate and Joonmyun gets vanilla. He steals a lick of her cone and vice versa until it becomes an all-out battle of who can steal more of whose cone. Wufan has the advantage of longer arms, but the second she hovers her cone a bit too possessively close to her chest, he backs off and turns a bright shade of red at the thought of getting his head too close to a place it shouldn’t be. (At least on the first date, that is.)

She uses this to her advantage, but she’s not brave enough to use what Kyungsoo taught her. It might not be a perfect seductive face, but when she stares at Wufan with her wide eyes and takes a slow lap up the side of her ice cream cone, she knows she’s not imagining his breath hitching.

“You’ve got a little—something there.” Her pink tongue darts out of her mouth, licking her lips cutely. He wipes it off (gently) for her with a napkin. She sort of wishes he would have kissed it off.

They walk around for a bit, until Joonmyun’s shivering from the lack of jacket and Wufan jumps in to lend her his cardigan that’s warm smells like his cologne. The walk back to the car seems short even though they take a deliberately long time walking back, matching their steps together just because it’s fun.

The car ride is silent, but it’s comfortable. They reach the front of Joonmyun’s home and Wufan kills the engine, turning towards her and telling her that he’s had a great time. Of course, she did too but she knows he’s not expecting anything more. It’s one of the reasons why she likes him.

Still, she leans over and gives him a peck on the cheek for his efforts. “I had a great time too,” she says, “We should do it again next time.” Joonmyun leaves before Wufan can say anything and it’s when she’s already entering her house that she sees Wufan in his car, pumping his fists like he won the Championships all over again. Silly boy.

-i'm so tired this wip has been bothering me for weeks and i just pooped out 2/3 of it and i'm finally done at 1:30 am

Tags: au: cheer, pairing: wufan/joonmyun, rating: pg13
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